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Thanks for the Thanksgiving dinner guide.

Part of the problem during this pandemic is poor messaging by CDC and FDA. Conflicting information, changing information and withholding information has eroded trust in our public health agencies. So some people are leery, scared and confused.

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You missed this, although I don't believe it's a conspiracy, but rather a reasonable view - if mRNA vaccines are so safe, then why must I sign a waiver of rights to get one?

We still don't know the long term effects of the mRNA vaccine, and we also don't know how effective it is over the long term. Isn't it possible that the vaccine can make people more susceptible to some mutation of Covid later on? Isn't it also possible that getting Covid after being vaccinated can lead to a less effective immune response in the future (i.e., less robust than having had Covid without having had a vaccine)?

Still waiting for the Novavax vaccine. Why isn't it yet available in the US?

Too many Pfizer and Moderna executives are involved in setting government policy.

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If Trump had won, this Panglossian cherry-picking would be reversed. Magic-bullet BS had vaccinated, maskless sneering churl's spreading Delta, Lambda, Mu. Kleptocrats spewing facile, blatant lies (as 27 million kids were intentionally unleashed as vectors, just in time for new strains & the holidays!)

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There's no inherent reason for a mRNA technology to be safe, do you realize it, right? And, what is more, all the "technology" in these vaccines is devoted to bring this (modified) molecule into the cell and to make it remain there with good translational results (i.e. a toxic non-attenuated protein), and nobody thought what happens next. Do you realize this?

And, by the way, I didn't find an answer to the basic question: why should I take a vaccine for a disease that has a 1/1000 (look at statistics by age) probability of killing me, and indeed didn't kill me when I caught it?

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