Thoughts on the Israeli government's plans to neuter the Supreme Court
Everyone knows that polls narrow, right?
Locked out of TwitterAn attacker somehow disabled the two-factor authentication for my Twitter account, logged in, and seems to have changed the email address and ph…
A few months ago, Helen Lewis wrote on Twitter: "Above a certain follower count, your twitter feed is basically a newspaper, and I wish there was a…
Elon Musk claims he wants absolute free speech on Twitter. That'd be a nightmare, but I'm not buying it
After the battle for Ukraine, Russia's foreign, intelligence and security policy will be devoted to smashing the coalition that imposed crippling…
Some thoughts about the plans for Canada-style convoys to converge on Washington DC
Has trying to protect society from the pandemic led to an over-emphasis on personal risk? And what's that got to do with the Garden of Eden?
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